The Blonde Experiment (USA)

Director: Veronica Mannion & Ariel Hart

Billie (Veronica Mannion) and Charlie (Ariel Hart) are two best friends who feel invisible in their work lives, dating lives... and pretty much every other part of their lives.

After being ghosted one too many times from their latest online "soulmates", this sad pair hatches an experiment to test the age-old question: Do blondes really have more fun?

Will VIP access and lifestyle tips from viral sensation, Aquarius (E.G. Daily), help them navigate their new platinum status? Or will they become wanted criminals, sworn enemies, and bring grown men to their knees?

This duo is “dyeing” to fit in, but the ride of their lives could crash and burn if they don’t remember their “roots” and stay true to themselves.

Starring: E.G. Daily, Veronica Mannion, Ariel Hart, Jonathan Stoddard, Mark Forbes Harley, and Dave Abed

2022 BEST DIRECTOR - Veronica Mannion & Ariel Hart

2022 BEST ACTRESS - Veronica Mannion



The Perfect Week (USA)

Director: Isabel Schnall

After going through an exhausting breakup, Izzie is challenged to go on a different date, every day, for a week. What ensues is both hilarity and heartbreak as she tries to redefine what "closure" really means.

Starring newcomer actor, writer and director Isabel Schnall, and shot by Academy and Emmy award winning cinematographer, Reuben Aaronson, this film won BEST INDEPENDENT FILM at HRIFF 2021.



Vengeance Turns: Volume One (USA)

Director: Robert Christopher Smith

Vengeance Turns: Volume One” reveals the heartbreaking, often horrifying transformation experienced by REBECCA FALCON following a brutal attack in which she is left bloody, broken and dying; her husband and children slaughtered. Rebecca, the once devoted mother and loving wife becomes “Mia”, a bloodthirsty, claw-wielding vigilante who lives for nothing except revenge.

"Vengeance Turns: Volume One" will change viewers' definitions of "revenge western" and leave them dying for "Volume Two" coming soon.



Skivvies (USA)

Director: Lisa Schurga

Jamie Turt, the new owner of the shapewear company, "Skivvies" struggles to hold on to her creative vision while juggling misfit employees, an overbearing, ultra religious, landlord and her Uncle Barney, who thinks tits and ass are always the answer. A mix between “The Office” and “Mary Tyler Moore,” Jamie is out of her comfort zone and trying to stand up for the feminist ideals she believes in. Her eccentric team has her back and remind her that she is, in fact, the bad bitch of her dreams

Skivvies was created by 3 women from The Groundlings Main Company who took their most popular characters from the stage and put them in the workplace comedy “Skivvies”, a direct to consumer lingerie start up, in the vein of Thirdlove or Shapermint.



Traders (USA)

Director: Olivia Gropp

"Traders" is the first film written and directed by actress Olivia Gropp.

Summer, 1995. The time for enjoying music, trading in “junk” for quick cash, and hanging out with friends. But like the saying goes, you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. This is exactly the case for a small town when their benign existence is rocked by a violent serial killer. Amidst the killings, three seemingly different characters' paths cross at the town’s local record store for a night filled with rock music, mystery, and violence.



Maíz (USA)

Director: Nate Sully & Victor Velle

MAÍZ" is a coming-of-age story about Otis, a small and timid twelve-year-old who dreams of escaping his little Nebraska hometown.

While detasseling corn on a hot summer day with a bunch of older boys, he encounters Alejandra, a mysterious and strong-willed girl.

He decides then and there that he's going to get to know her. But it won't be that easy. He'll have to get past the other kids and overcome his fear.

In the process, he'll learn the meaning of determination and sacrifice.




Delilah (USA)

Director: Nika Agiashvili

Starring Rainey Qualley, George Finn and Timothy V. Murphy. Written and directed by Nika Agiashvili, filmed in black and white in downtown Los Angeles, this gritty and visceral story follows Delilah, like a hero out of Albert Camus novel, as she tells us how she 'can't feel anything' after the murder of her younger brother as she has spent the last three years plotting her revenge with the help of the newly released convict, Gecko.

Starring: Rainey Qualley, George Finn, and Timothy V. Murphy

2022 BEST ACTRESS in a Short Film - Rainey Qualley



Birds Fly Home (USA)

Director: Mithra B. Alavi

When Arab-American, Leila, returns home from her first year of college in Amman, Jordan, her American mother, Karen, is surprised to see her wearing a hijab. Now mother and daughter must navigate what Leila's new found identity as a Muslim woman means for their relationship.

This struggle for identity is one very close to director, Mithra B. Alavi's, heart and she drew on her own upbringing as an Iranian American Muslim to tell this story. With BIRDS FLY HOME, Mithra explores themes of clashing cultures, ethnocentric fear, and the relationship between parent and child.

The easy story to tell is that of a young Muslim Arab American woman who decides that she is going to walk away from a culture and religion that many see as oppressive to women. But the truth is, this is a culture full of warmth and love that puts a great emphasis on home and family.

With the incredible Kate Butler (SHOCK & AWE, LBJ, BRIDGE TO TERABITHIA) starring as "Karen" alongside the talented emerging actress Zein Khleif as "Leila", BIRDS FLY HOME is a journey of identity, belonging, and love. Winner of BEST DRAMA SHORT at HRIFF 2021.



World Premiere Video (USA)

Director: Mike J. Nichols

Over 30 years ago, a young filmmaker embarked on a mission to make a low budget Music Video using Super-8 film.

Inspired he borrowed a guitar and wrote his first song entitled, I WANT TO BE ON MTV - and thereafter attempted to make a music video spoofing MTV favorites, and amazingly, MTV's own Dweezil Zappa did a cameo in that Music Video. Award Winner at HRIFF 2021 for Best Documentary Film.


PG - 13

2 Bullet Solution (USA)

Director: Matt Mullins

3 Subjects, 2 Bullets, 1 Survivor