Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

HRIFF 2021

Covid-19 Protocols - Festival Update

As of February 2021, which is traditionally the month that our annual LA LIVE-based Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival is scheduled: all cinemas in Los Angeles are currently still closed. These closures were made by local, state, and Federal governments, and are being enforced out of respect for the health and safety of the general public during the current Covid-19 pandemic that is affecting the whole world.

Sadly, Los Angeles is the epicenter for Covid-19 cases and deaths at this time. While the first vaccines are now starting to reach the public, it is still the case that less than 10% of Californians have been vaccinated currently.

Under these conditions, it was impossible to put on a multi-week festival event with over 200 film screenings and multiple party and reception events. Working around such complications, our festival is currently in the midst of investigating opportunities for potential public screenings to come later this year, or whenever it is deemed safe for the public to get back into cinemas again. The festival wants to thank all of our loyal festival fans for being patient with us in these difficult times.

Keep your eyes peeled for future HRIFF screening events, both online and in cinemas, including alternative screening events like our HRIFF DRIVE-IN event, ...which is being planned as we speak to pop-up this Winter!

For right now, take a look at this season's Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival PROGRAM GUIDE, which includes descriptions for our 2021 AWARD WINNERS honoring what our judges feel were the best films of 2020, including our HRIFF Best Picture Winner Red Post on Escher Street from acclaimed director Sion Sono.

Stay Tuned for more HRIFF news, and remember to stay safe!